“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”

Mark Twain

If you’ve made it here I’m going to assume you’ve somehow mastered the Dream …or at least gained an understanding of why it’s the first step. The Dream isn’t enough though, we all have them. Once work is applied that Dream will take you far and beyond. That journey is what brings you to The Travel Outlier’s next step, without it we’re just Outliers alone with no purpose… Travel

To Travel is to have an Open mind 

I’ve learned the things that come with ease or perhaps the things that we’re comfortable with, may not be the best for us. Think about it: comfort, conformity, comfort-ability are all things that leave you complacent. Stuck! Yes it may feel good for the time, but you will probably never accomplish anything. It’ll leave you just that, comfortable.  Traveling takes you out of that comfort zone and forces you into the unknown. Into the abyss of discovery. You’re stripped away of all of those preconceived notions you thought you knew and you discover a more open mind.  You start to realize just how small you really are in comparison to the world. Ultimately getting to know yourself that much more. Getting to know those hidden talents you didn’t think you had because you were introduced to new problems.

To Travel is show Gratitude 

Have you ever gone a day without your car?? Having to rely on other people for the smallest of tasks when you’re used to mobility will drive…. you…. insane!!!!! You start to appreciate the fact that you even have 4 Wheels, not just a car lol. That’s Travel. It shows you how privileged (lack of privileged) you are. Simple things you began to appreciate that much more. That appreciation extends beyond your journey


The Best Teacher 

Can you think of a better teacher? The things you’re able to learn through exploration is far greater than anything you would read in a book. Yes books will take you to those places you’ve dreamed about but it’s something about living in the culture, being in the moment, stepping outside of yourself, embracing the Outlier in you that lends itself to the joy of Travel. The best teacher in life is your own experience and experience equals knowledge. The knowledge we gain from Travel is what brings us to the next thought process… Live

Oh I have more lol Here’s my Top 5 Reasons Travel is important