“Dreamers should reach out for the highest potential, they should yearn for more despite the odds.”

Euginia Herlihy

Dream or DIE!!

I could really just stop here, but because it’s the first step in the Outlier’s thought process, I guess more is needed.

They say nothing comes to a dreamer but sleep. I don’t agree with that. We (Outliers) don’t agree with that because we understand that amazing things come to those who Dream (with work applied of course).

You see, the Dream allows you to go from the present into the future. You start to see it as if it was really standing in front of you. You’re able to touch it, hear it, hell even taste it.. Even if no one else does, you see it. It requires you to become focused.

So focused you can’t see failure. Excuse me failure?? TF… That’s not even an option. Our focus allows us to see failure as just another stepping stone in the process. So if or when we fail, we are able to bounce back that much quicker (Note to self) because of the Dream.

Self improvement also becomes a necessity of the Dream and the new habits we’ve formed become beneficial to our achievements. With that type of focus and self improvement, you will always find yourself on the right path, in the right room, networking with the right people. I mean I can really go on and on but I think you get the point now and why it’s the first step.

The Dream will take you far and beyond as The Travel Outlier you understand there’s a journey ahead regardless of the speed bumps. It ultimately leads to the next step… Travel

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