“Life is to be experienced”

The Travel Outlier

Less than 3% of advertisers feature black travelers. A crazy number, being that we spend billions in the industry. This number, I feel, feed into the false narrative “Black People Don’t Travel.”

That narrative has been one of the driving forces behind The Travel Outlier. Representation is extremely important in our community, that’s why our mission to: promote individuality, foster creativity, and encourage exploration is rooted in the power traveling offers.

In a world post Covid-19, I believe it’s still possible! If I didn’t learn anything from the pandemic, I learned that, “Life is to be experienced” and I want to experience it with other DOPE A** people

The Outlier’s Experience

Or TOE for short, is a travel group/community dedicated to experiencing life in a new part of the world once a year. An Outlier is someone who differs from other members in a particular group, and it’s our differences that makes us who we are. We understand exclusion breeds community, so consider this your safe haven.

Our motto is simple

Dream. Travel. Live. Repeat…..

Cancun, Mexico #TOE21