“I ain’t going back and forth with you … I’m living my best life”

Lil Duval

OK… Now is the time you can do it for the gram lol. I’m only halfway kidding. This is the time where we apply what we have learned from the first 2 steps (Dream. Travel.) to truly


The Dream taught us (Outliers) that failure isn’t an option. It’s ultimately inevitable in our everyday lives. So since we can’t avoid it, we use it as a learning tool. Our faith teaches us that. It’s no longer a road block and we know we’ll figure out a way around it.. eventually. Now that you have a more open mind you’re able to become more creative not just with your ideas but with problem solving also. I mean after all it’s from the Dream that I have your attention now.

As you journey and Travel to the beyond, it is in those outer limits when we discover our: purpose, voice, that thing that makes us unique, the thing that makes us an Outlier. That type of experience leaves an imprint on your life. The vast knowledge you have acquired is now being applied to your daily life rather you realize it or not. You know how a better understanding of the world and where you fit in. From that imprint appreciations grows. I mean really…what is a life without gratitude?? That is why when you come back from a vacation you feel refreshed and like a Million Bucks. You gain a glow and pep in your step, but before that glow gets dull and the pep slows down… That is when you’ll know to go to the next step….


There is power in repetition.

This simple 4 step method has become to backdrop for my life. Dream Travel. Live. Repeat… is more than a tagline. For The Travel Outlier it’s a lifestyle