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Let’s Start With Some Basics

My original idea for this post was to give you the latest in flight deals, but then I thought… How can I give you flight deals without going over some of the basics!?…

If your’re a frequent flyer and already familiar, this may not be the post for you (But don’t leave completely, browse some of the other articles).

The 24 Hr Rule

As long as you book a Non-refundable ticket 7 days prior to takeoff, airlines are required to do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Allow you to change/ cancel trip within 24 hrs / OR
  2. Hold the booking for 24 hrs at the price w/o payment (American Airlines; be sure to select the HOLD option)

So what does this mean????

If you find a good price that you can’t pass up, GET IT!!! Tell your friends about it…Then figure the rest out later. (Within 24 hours of course.)

Don’t Get Burned by Basic Economy

On a trip to New York for Jordan’s birthday one year, we found some really great airline tickets. I figured I would save even more money by packing the kids things in a carry-on instead of paying a checked bag fee.

As I went over the rules, I realized I had to pay for my carry on and the family was not sitting together…..UGHHHH…

The tickets we purchased were Basic Economy. Not that I mind basic economy, I just like to be prepared for things like that, especially when it involves “my coins”.

Oh… What is basic economy???

Basically, flights offered by Delta, United, and American Airlines that are cheaper and without those “extra special services”

Here’s the run down for each airline’s basic economy ticket:

United Airlines

  • Flight changes and refunds not allowed (after the 24 hr period)
  • Allowed ONLY 1 personal item (must be able to fit under the seat)
  • Seat assignment or upgrades not available
  • group seating not available unless seats are available
  • last to board

Click here for more details

Delta Airlines

  • Seats are not assigned until check-in
  • No flight changes or refund allowed (after the 24 hr period)
  • Group seating (families) my not be available (early check in is a must)
  • Upgrades not allowed
  • last to board

Click here for more details

American Airlines 

  • allowed 1 personal item; must fit under seat (no access to overhead bin)
  • not eligible for upgrades/ refunds
  • seat assignment at check in (Can pay 48 hrs in advance to have option to choose your seat)
  • last group to board

Click here for more details

So when shopping for airline tickets be sure to review all details. They’re really good about explaining the ticket types and the extra amenities available to you.


Another biggie seems to be WiFi. I mean, how can we survive without it??

Most airlines on most routes offer wi-fi for a small fee. However, don’t expect lightening fast speeds, technology have advanced, but we still have some time to go for that.

Delta now offers free messaging to keep in touch with those on the ground through iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Save the videos, pictures, and texts, unfortunately you won’t be able to send any of those

For the T-mobile customers (that’s me) you get to enjoy 1 Free Hour of Gogo In-Flight Wi-Fi on domestic flights (within the US) on top of the visual voicemail and  the unlimited text messages.

So next time somebody laughs at you because your T-mobile service doesn’t have the best signal. Text/ call them from the plane.

What better way then to start your 2018 off with a flight out of here???

As Always,

The Travel Outlier

Dream. Travel. Live. Repeat!!

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