Airlines Who Have Changed Their Face Mask Policy

Two years after COVID, and it seems customers with flight plans are catching a break from the mask requirements. The mask mandate for airplanes and other public transportations was struck down by a federal judge, and many commercial airlines have started to adjust to this ruling.

Here’s a list of some airlines that are adjusting:

Delta Airlines

Masks are now optional for Delta customers and employees for international travel, except where masks are required by applicable governments for international travel. Please continue to bring a mask with you for international travel, because it may be required for some destinations based on their laws and requirements.

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United Airlines

All employees and customers are welcome to wear a face covering if they choose. However, face coverings are no longer required on board domestic flights and at most U.S. airports.

American Airlines

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend that people wear a face mask in indoor public transportation settings, but they aren’t required to be worn in airport settings or on your flight unless an individual jurisdiction has these requirements.

We recommend checking the cities / countries you’re traveling to / through / from for the latest updates and travel requirements.

Jet Blue

In line with Monday’s federal court ruling and the Transportation Security Administration’s guidance, mask wearing will now be optional on JetBlue. While no longer required, customers and crewmembers are welcome to continue wearing masks in our terminals and on board our aircraft.
Regardless of the U.S. rule change, customers and crewmembers who are traveling internationally should always have a mask with them in case they continue to be required at their destination. 

Southwest Airlines

Federal law no longer requires that masks be worn in the airport or on the plane, but certain cities or states may still be requiring them at their airports. Make sure to check any airport you’re traveling to before arriving to know their policies. You’re always welcome to wear a mask while traveling if you prefer to—if you need one at the airport or onboard, we’ll have them ready

Frontier Airlines

“Masks are now optional on domestic flights, however, certain airports or countries may still require Frontier Airlines customers, crew members and other team members are no longer required to wear masks onboard Frontier aircraft. For international travel, mask requirements remain dependent on the arrival/departure country’s regulations. Individual airports and municipalities may still require masks, please check the policy at your destination prior to departure. Per CDC guidance, regardless of whether a mask mandate is in effect, individuals are encouraged to continue to wear masks in indoor settings.

All information was taken directly from each airlines’ website. For the latest information please visit directly.

Thoughts to myself like…

Airlines are changing their mask requirements, and countries around the world are changing their COVID entry requirements. I think it’s safe to say Travel is back (for the most part w/ adjustments). My next hope is that the flight prices follow that same pattern. However, I’ll take what I can get for now. Besides I’m not sure I’ll ever find a round-trip flight to Japan for $650 again.

As always,

Dream. Travel. Live. Repeat…

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