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Women Lift Economies

Something happens when you’re placed in a room with a group of black women: uplifting each other, rooting for each other, complimenting each other. If you pictured it, I’m sure you felt it in your spirit. In a world where reality TV just has to be real, and coming together to an event only to fight is what you call a mastermind (Love & Hip Hop what’s up with that anyway); it can seem like finding these type of rooms are few and far in between.

Although I know otherwise.

Meeting like minded women in a room to mastermind for the first time is a game changer. Although, immediately you’re shoved back to that 12 year old insecure little girl for a split second (or maybe it’s just me). But when you realize you’re all in the room for the same reason, the magic happens, Black Girl Magic! You can literally see and hear the chains breaking in the room.  These connections however, are usually not within arms reach. So you have to go a little further to find them, especially if you’re launching a business.


Since our quality of life lives in the quality of our relationships, it’s those same connections in the world that make life worthwhile. Focusing on cultivating those relationships early may pay off if you ever need a helping hand, so build your tribe. Unlike the popular belief, you actually DO NOT do it your own, and when you try it leads to burn out. Trust me sis, I know (If you need the proof click here )!

As a black women, a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur, who still works full time, having someone who’s in the same arena (facing the same life problems) as me is important. For this reason, I make it my business to seek these women out.

For a group that is: undervalued, under-represented, and under compensated, leaning on other like minded women is ultimately what we need to help unlock the door to happiness and success (Click here to meet “The Girls”). Having someone in your corner to support you not only lifts you up, but the economy also.

More than 60% of Black women are in the workforce, making them one of the two racial/ ethnic groups of women with the highest labor force participation rate, but their earnings lag behind most women’s and men’s earnings in the US

Since we usually juggle multiple roles, we hold a large stake in the well being of our families and our communities. With that stake comes a need for economic stability and your network is your net worth. When you’re able to build and connect with other women you start to create opportunities for: yourself, your family, the culture, society, and ultimately the economy. Representation does a lot. Seeing other women winning and sharing their success stories (even failure stories) encourages you to keep going despite!

8 out of 10 Black mothers are breadwinners, who are either the sole earner or earn at least 40% of household income 

Trying to take care of a family, moisturize, and build a business out of paper clips is hard. Don’t do that by your self. With so much out pour you need a refill, and connecting with women who understands can be that glass. I am only as strong as the person standing next to me. I stand on the shoulders of every woman who has paved the way for me, and I grab my shoulder pads for my daughters, and the women after me because again…. WOMEN LIFT ECONOMIES duhhh.!!


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