5 Tips on Finding Cheap Travel

1. Go Incognito

Those handhelds devices, like the one you’re probably reading this on, remember things about us and stores information. The cookies you accept aren’t your mom’s chocolate chips (Haha). Online travel sites are no different. If you continue to search the same thing repeatedly, chances are prices will increase. So, go in private mode when you’re searching for deals.

2. Be Flexible

Be flexible with your vacation dates. If you’re buying a plane ticket, try departing during the week, instead of the weekend. If there’s a major holiday coming up, prepare for higher rates, and plan ahead of time. However, right after major holidays is usually when you can find a good deal. Another rule of thumb, take advantage of very early morning flights (around 5-7 am). I’ve found them to be a little cheaper in comparison to a flight departing late morning / early afternoon (10am – 12pm). Not to mention the peace of mind you have by arriving to the airport early. Also, if you’re traveling to a destination with more than one airport, be sure to check all of them. You may find that flying into one airport vs another is cheaper.

3. Get The Whole Picture

If you’re flying, check to see what day is the best date to depart and return. My go to is Google flights. You’re able to get a month-to-month view to see the best daily price. Another go to of mine is Skyscanner. I like the explore everywhere feature. Just put in where you’d like to fly from and select explore everywhere to get some good deals around the world. Another app I’d suggest downloading is Hopper.

4. Book Early

“Today’s prices are not tomorrow prices” should be a universal slogan for all airlines. So, book early. You can book flights as far as (about) 11 months in advance. I always tell my clients when you see a good deal get it. You have 24 hours to decide whether you’ve made a good decision. Airlines like American Airlines, will even let you place a hold on the flight for a small fee.

5. Take Advantage of SkyMiles

Every airline has some type of free miles program. Sign up for them all. Especially, if you have a preference. You might as well collect some type of incentive since you’ve already paid for the ticket. If you gain enough miles, you can use them towards your travel.

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