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What is an Outlier again??

What did you want to be growing up?….


I wanted to be a dancer, then singer (until i realized I couldn’t sing), then it was a Lawyer.. But life has a way of showing us quite the opposite. Before you realize it, you become an adult in the Rat Race (or was that just my life)???  and those dreams we once had seem to die.

For a long time (If I’m honest with myself, which I usually am) I followed the crowd. Don’t act like you never have!! I know I AM NOT the only one that’s fell for the…

Come on let’s go.. Everybody’s going line!!!! 

Now that I look back, I think that’s what my mom meant when she would tell me… I like “Being of the world”. I hated when she said that. It was her way of saying  I wanted to have fun first instead of working to my potential. But It was like a pattern for me, I would dig a hole for myself and would have to climb out, working much harder. You see school was easy to me, I never really had to try, so I took advantage of that. All because I wanted to have FUN first.

Well fun cost me Hampton or Howard University (I was undecided at the time). It cost me The Bar. It cost me my Law Firm in Manhattan with a view. It cost me my family I created AFTER college. I mean I could go on and on but I think you get the point. How!?… Well as I was graduating high school, my son (3 months) at the time was crying and my family had to take him outside (True Story by the way lol) So I settled on a college, dropped out 3 years later, and entered the Race.

But what about the Dreams??

It took me a while to realize Dreams don’t die. They’re just in sleep mode. Until something or someone gives them a nudge and BOOM… They’re back!! But just like anything that’s been idle for a long time, you have to give them a minute to adjust.  Sometimes even a kick!! (click here to read my kick) If it takes the wind from you… You probably should go after it. It wasn’t until I went to book a vacation when my thought process began to shift.



Although I was in the race one thing that was constant was Traveling. That was important if I was going to continue. I realized it was going places, seeing things, making memories with my family, that I really enjoyed. I even loved the research. Each experience changed me. I had always flirted with the idea of owning and operating my own Travel Agency. Why not get paid for something I already do? That was followed by…I CAN DO THIS.. So I  DID…and became an Independent Travel Agent. I wanted to help others see the benefits of traveling and help break the myth… “Travel is Expensive”

When in Doubt.. Take a Vacation

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Being a travel agent wasn’t enough though. I wanted to help put an end to another myth, “Black People Don’t Travel” and if they do… they’re only interested in going to Miami and the Caribbean.

It’s estimated that the Black Community spends about 50 billion dollars annually on travel and leisure and since we are traveling now more than ever, those numbers should see an increase.

So if we’re spending that amount of money why is that the stereotype??

One word REPRESENTATION. The travel industry spends very little to market to People of color. I wanted to create a brand that caters to that market. I wanted a platform to not only document my travels, but others as well. A platform where I would inspire and encourage through the idea of travel. If only to help increase that representation. In the meantime, I would I find like individuals whose plans didn’t stop just because of certain barriers or limitations, because they too felt like an outsiderPeople who understands that the fear of being different leads to conformity… and were non- conformists… were Outliers 

Outlier – A person who differs from other members in a particular group.

The Travel Outlier LLC was created with that unique person in mind. That person who went left, while everyone went right (Sometimes good or bad). It is a travel brand where we not only curate and book your travels, but we want to curate a better life for you. It’s the things we see, the places we go that shapes us. For the Outlier, we understand it’s when we go to those outer limits that we truly find ourselves and our OUR VOICE.


Dream. Travel. Live Repeat…

is more than a tagline, for us it’s a lifestyle.

It’s the belief that the DREAM that will take you far and beyond. Once you put those dreams to work, you start to go places. After you start to TRAVEL, you begin to gain knowledge from those experiences. So naturally you start to apply that to your life. You start to truly LIVE. Only to REPEAT the cycle.

Thoughts to Myself like…

Crazy things happen when you dream and even crazier things happen you put those dreams to work. I wanted to create a community where we can come together to share our dreams, our travels, and how we apply what we learned to our lives. Crazy how a dream of my own travel agency spawned into an entire company. I can do this led to I did this. No I didn’t graduate from Howard or Hampton. I’m not a successful Lawyer. My reality is I have 3 beautiful children, and husband I know that’ll give his life for us. I work for a global company and I’m learning a lot. I have a view, it’s of the parking lot but still… it’s calming lol. I have an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice but I realized that’s not my passion. I work smarter not harder, and I’m much more APPRECIATIVE. I know that it’s through repetition that we are successful.


Are you an Outlier?? ..

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