Outlier- A person or thing differing from all members of a particular group or set.

With everything so disposable now, it can be hard finding your way


It’s OK….

You’re not supposed too!!

Why try to fit in, when we’re born to stand out.

The Travel…Outlier is me!! It is You… and anyone else

….With intentions on using a plane, ship, car, bike or anything thing else to pass over life’s obstacles!!

It’s bold… It’s different…It’s relatable… and it’s a Lifestyle

So press pause, go somewhere, anywhere as long as it is foreign, and become an outlier…

The Travel…Outlier

When life gives you lemons (Follow steps below):

  1. Throw them out the window
  2. Get up and go somewhere
  3. Have a cocktail
Excellence Playa Mujers Resorts


If I encouraged your travel… Then my mission is COMPLETE!!

Dream. Travel. Live. Repeat

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign

Robert Louis Stevenson